Why Grid?

Why Grid

GRID is the only environmentally superior alternative to conventional urban port and freeway growth in the works today, using entirely electric cargo transfer and transport modalities. The SuperDockTM will drastically shrink required port footprints, thus opening land for development or restoration.  Our freight pipeline will eliminate up to 70% of port truck traffic, freeing urban neighborhoods from pollution, noise, congestion, and stress, and diminishing or eliminating the perceived need for expensive and wasteful freeway projects.

GRID will operate concessions that will pay for the infrastructure and render it economically sustainable. This “Project of National Significance” will add and enhance jobs and lower shipping costs for all involved.  Rather than being a cost center to governments in transportation tax funding or abatements, GRID will boost revenues in the regions where it operates—and, through ripple effects, regions beyond.

GRID at work

A contemporary example illustrates the benefits of GRID.  Ours is an import-export based economy, and presently up to sixteen million containers pass through the twin ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles every year. Vast acreages of precious land are dedicated to sorting and storing these containers and accommodating the trucks that carry them to trains—sometimes sixty miles away! The City of Long Beach predicts up to 90,000 truck trips per day on an expanded 710 freeway. This expansion would take land out of use for anything else—homes, businesses, schools, or parks—and would pour yet more traffic onto feeder streets and more pollution into our children’s lungs.  Additionally, this conventional transportation expansion would be largely funded though taxpayer sources.


710 Freeway Proposed Expansion
GRID (Green Rail/Intelligent Development), with its SuperDock® and Freight Pipeline, would eliminate the majority of this truck traffic that now passes through eastern Los Angeles County—and at the same time increase the capacity of our ports at a time when they will face competition from an expanded Panama Canal and growing conventional ports in Canada and Mexico. It would save shippers money, create thousands of jobs within and outside the region, and enhance the communities it passes through.

GRID Freight Pipeline and Rail Tunnel

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